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Our Personal Trainers

Patrick Coleman - Personal Trainer

Why train with Patrick?
I understand that people have different goals and abilities. No matter what your confidence or ability, I will always deliver a first-class service to ensure that my clients achieve their goals.

About Patrick:
From a young age I have always enjoyed sport, fitness and keeping healthy. Pursuing a career in the fitness industry wasn’t easy, I committed myself to training for qualifications whilst working a full-time job and caring for two children. Despite the challenges, I have never looked back. I love that my job allows me to help others by inspiring them to get fitter and healthier.

Patrick specialises in…
Weight loss, strength, HIIT and core training.

Abigail Fawcett - Personal Trainer

Why train with Abigail?
I am dedicated and thoroughly enjoy working with clients to help them achieve their goals in fitness, gain confidence in themselves and what they do in the gym as well as develop long term healthy habits. Everyone has to start somewhere on their fitness journey, I have also been that person who had no idea where to start when first joining the gym, I want to help others who are also in the same position as I was or even if you just require more help to achieve your goal in training or with technique I am always happy to help and share my knowledge with you.

About Abigail:
I have always been involved in sport from an early age, but my passion for fitness and training started with my own journey from when I initially walked through the gym doors not knowing what to do, to now achieving my own personal goals in training whilst having become confident and knowledgeable on the gym floor. Whilst going through this process I fell in love with fitness and training and realised that I wanted to turn this into a career, helping others achieve their goals and become confident on the gym floor.

Abigail specialises in…
I love strength and conditioning training and really enjoy including functional and HIIT training into my programmes, as this can help with fat loss whilst increasing speed, strength and endurance.

Bradley Banks - Personal Trainer

Why train with Bradley?
I am very motivational and enthusiastic which are very important aspects of being a personal trainer. I will change up training sessions and make sure you are repeating exercises, I will find out what you enjoy and will tailor your sessions so they are enjoyable yet effective.

I will use my skills with foam rolling and stretching to make sure your recovery from training sessions are as effective as your workouts themselves and this is equally important.

About Bradley

I am currently a Senior Leisure Assistant and completed my level 2 fitness instructor qualification through the apprenticeship scheme with inspiring healthy lifestyles. I got into the leisure and fitness industry because I have always been passionate about keeping fit and healthy.

I am studying my Personal trainer level 3 course and will go on to complete my GP referral and level 4 nutrition and weight management.

I follow a plant based diet and do not eat any meat or dairy products and still manage to follow a great fitness routine including swimming, weights and body weight exercises. I would be able to give plenty of information on my diet and what I eat day to day to cover my protein and carbs intake.

Bradley specialises in…
I will eventually specialise in weight management and nutrition, in my own training sessions I focus on bodyweight exercises and training with functional equipment and weights.

Ryan Melling - Personal Trainer

Why train with Ryan?
I was lucky enough to have Ryan as my PT for over 2 years to help me achieve my goals of loosing weight, to become leaner and stronger.

Ryan tailored training programmes to help me achieve my goals but with the consideration that I had very little experience

He has a wealth of knowledge in all training aspects, all based on his qualifications and by using the experience that he has learned from his own training. Ryan explains, demonstrates and details exceptionally well the key benefits of each exercise and precisely what you’ll gain from it and how small changes can help towards your goals. Ryan has a thirst for developing his own skills and learning new things which in turn is also beneficial for his clients.

Ryan is polite, courteous, knowledgeable and has a great attitude to fitness and life in general too.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ryan. – Client of Ryan.

About Ryan:
Hi, my name is Ryan I’m a personal trainer here at Standish Leisure Centre. From a young age I’ve always been involved in sport and fitness, mainly gym sessions and playing rugby. I fell in love with the gym during college, after college I decided to get my personal training qualifications. I started personal training in 2015, in this time I have learned a lot about myself and the fitness industry.

Ryan specialises in…
I have experience in many areas of training ranging from body building to CrossFit/ Olympic lifting.

Simone Coulton - Personal Trainer

Why train with Simone?
Train with me enjoy to your workout as I do. I will support and encourage you to go above and beyond your expectations and goals.

About Simone:
I started to think about becoming a fitness instructor whilst training in the gym as people would approach me for help and advice. I then decided to go back to college as a mature student and have never looked back.

Simone specialises in…
Weight loss, nutrition and muscle definition.

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